And I’m back.

It’s been a weird few months.

Very weird.

Without getting too into the details, let me just say that I finished it up with a mini-vacation (during which time I wrote a lot) and came back here hopefully refreshed and ready to write even more. I’m planning to branch out beyond the comforting blanket of Amazon and Kindle Unlimited and put more stories up via more storefronts. Also, if I cheat on Amazon then I won’t have to worry so much about censoring myself. I was reading tweets and forums talking about how the Zon bans this and the Zon bans that and frankly, trying to keep up with lists of problem words and off-limits topics was paralyzing.

So, expect more batches of stories in the near future! While I’m repurposing some of my shorts into longer erotica and even erotic romance, shorts are what I like best. 🙂


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